Redwall (Tale of Redwall)

Redwall - Brian Jacques This is the first book in the Brian Jacques series, and it is the best. The plot is fairly original, and the book itself is fun to read. I find talking animals intriguing, anyway. However, the plot line is not very deep. I would classify it as light reading. It is fun, and I usually get these books out when I have a lot of time to read and am kind of tired. I have one issue with this series. It is way too long. The first book is fun. The second through fourth are fun too. After the sixth book, it starts seeming repetitive. After the sixteenth, you realize that Mr. Jacques is using a stock plot: young hero needs to discover his/herself. Goes on some sort of adventure. Meets good friends. Somehow ends up at Redwall Abbey. Is given sword of Martin the Warrior. Fights off large horde of bad guys. The end. Mr. Jacques is using the "hero's journey" plot, which is repeated in countless books, but he never makes it different and interesting. Even his book about humans, "Castaways of the Flying Dutchman", is identical. The villains are all the same. They all talk in the same way. The good guys are always the same. Essentially, Mr. Jacques is writing the same book. Over. And over. And over. Redwall is fun, but not great literature. This review is the sole property of its author. It may not be quoted or used in any way without the author's prior written permission.